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Welcome to the official home of singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Eringis.
We (well, I....) solemnly swear to keep you abreast of music, musings, shows, merch, and where you might regain your youthful exuberance.
Have I told you how fantastic you look today?  Well, you do.  


...at the end of the tunnel! 

At long last, in the midst of mixing and mastering my next record.  In the coming weeks, look for audio previews, artwork sneak peeks, and other news around the official release.   So happy to share this latest work with all of you.  

Blessed with duality 

One of the things I've missed as a solo artist is the collaboration and excitement of another group.  That being said, I've been lucky enough to partner with Chicago singer/songwriter Eric Howell in his full-band project King Mixer.   I'll be performing with the band as a guitarist and second vocalist.  Be prepared for some wonderful Beatles-level harmonies and jangly power pop.  

This does not preclude nor replace my continued solo efforts, which are very much in full swing and readying my next original music CD. 

New music on the horizon.... 

After a healthy stretch of writing and side collaboration, I'm proud to announce I am working on a new solo release.   Title, final artwork, and song titles/samples TBD, but suffice it to say this will continue my new trend of growth and experimentation.  A myriad of new musical genres, new instrumentation, new material, and a new era in Andyland.  Look for announcements here, as well as related social media in the weeks/months to come. 

A fun experiment! 

Had a wonderful time writing, performing, and producing my first country pop-rock single for a young new singer!  Definitely a stylistic first for me, but a great opportunity to try some new instrumentation and arrangements, and also to let someone else handle the singing!   Please enjoy this enjoyable new single, my first official release since 2015, available through all digital outlets. 

Tap your Independence! 

Friends and fans, please join me for a solo acoustic performance at Independence Tap on Friday, September 30th, 2016 at 8:00pm.   This is a NO COVER show, so come and enjoy a great evening of music and drinks for low dough!!!!   Visit Shows for details.

More more more.... 

A couple of acoustic shows have been a great primer to get the word about about the new record, and to pick up a few new friends and fans along the way!  But no rest for the wicked;  work commences on new songs, a quick side project, and new opportunities to see me live (either acoustic or with a full electric band, fingers crossed).  


The Equal Ground (now "No More Division") posted a nice review of HTCARS on their site on June 3rd.   Many thanks to them for the kind words.
I'm of two minds when it comes to reviews.....blah blah blah.....but they said some nice things about some of my favorite songs, and I appreciate it.   
If YOU have a review YOU want to contribute to any of the retail sites, please feel free to do so, or contact me directly.  Best. 


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