Well hello there....

Welcome to the official home of singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Eringis.
We (well, I....) solemnly swear to keep you abreast of music, musings, shows, merch, and where you might regain your youthful exuberance.
Have I told you how fantastic you look today?  Well, you do.  



My new CD is now available for purchase at CDBaby (for physical CDs and downloads) and Apple iTunes.   Other retailers such as Amazon will be coming online within days.    Visit the "Music" page for album previews and links to purchase. 

Special thanks must go out to several people who made this release such a great experience, and one I will treasure:

Chris Neseman, for his outstanding photographic and design talents....
Brian Durbin, for his hot-knife-through-butter guitar work on "Do It Again" and "Giant"...
Kevin Behrens, for making the rhythm of "Shoes" come alive...
....and Nicole, for your love, support, and ideas throughout the making of the record.  

The light at the end.... 

Artwork and photography is now 90+% complete, and the digital distribution channel has everything they need to publish.   From this point forward, it's just wrapping up the final proofs of the CD, and getting everything shipped off to the duplicator.   Then to the online distributor.   It's close, folks... Really close.  It feels fantastic to work with really great people on these last few phases.  

Progress report on HTCARS 

At long last, recording and mixing/mastering of the new CD "How To Construct A Rock Star" is finally finished!  Now begins the design and execution of all CD artwork/photography/packaging.   Several weeks still required to make progress on that front.   Once certain milestones are met, I can share official release dates, as well as any accompanying public promotion.  Stay tuned, friends....


Making a full-length release is not unlike preparing Thanksgiving Dinner;  you spend an inordinate amount of time preparing and executing, in what feels like an eternity......and before you know it, everyone's had a taste and is wondering what comes next.   Slow down!    The turkey JUST CAME OUT OF THE OVEN!!!!   I'm still stirring gravy over here, grandma!  


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