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Have I told you how fantastic you look today?  Well, you do.  


Progress report on HTCARS 

At long last, recording and mixing/mastering of the new CD "How To Construct A Rock Star" is finally finished!  Now begins the design and execution of all CD artwork/photography/packaging.   Several weeks still required to make progress on that front.   Once certain milestones are met, I can share official release dates, as well as any accompanying public promotion.  Stay tuned, friends....


Making a full-length release is not unlike preparing Thanksgiving Dinner;  you spend an inordinate amount of time preparing and executing, in what feels like an eternity......and before you know it, everyone's had a taste and is wondering what comes next.   Slow down!    The turkey JUST CAME OUT OF THE OVEN!!!!   I'm still stirring gravy over here, grandma!  


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